Basics Of SEO By Tech Hunts || Easy Explanation

SEO, search optimization if being understood from its basics can help us in many ways ever imagined. If you have understood the basic concepts of SEO, you would be able to get more visitors to your blog in just 30s. It is a part of Digital Marketing.

What is “basics”?

Basics are the proven steps and methods of getting the desired result.

Fundamentals of SEO are the little and even neglectable methods which we perform on a daily basis.Basics Of SEO

1. By placing the tags within our web copy will help the crawlers to get accurate search result in keywords and phrases in which we want.

2.By using proper and accurate keywords and help them to their accurate tag position. Bolding the keyword within the text of post will help the webmasters locate for the keyword crawler.

3. Make your URL’s rich. It will help the search engine to give you more result on the specific keyword. You will also be able to get more traffic with that.

4. By using plugins like SEO smart links, we will be able to make links in our own site. It will make our blog even stronger and SEO would be also enough accumulated. Place keyword rich anchor text in your copy and get these link to interact with each other.

If you are an internet marketer or a webmaster, the basics of SEO will help you in as many ways as possible. You will be able to get going into a long way with these basics.

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