Inboundwriter-Content Optimization in SEO

Content Optimization in SEO

If you are a writer and write blogs, website contents or some other stuff over the internet, you might definitely be aware of the SEO optimized content. Creating good content is equally important as, writing a traffic driving content. There is a new social writing application available now for the content writers who want to make their content a traffic driving content. We are talking about InboundWriter.

InboundWriter is the first writing application which delivers instantaneous social intelligence to make your content a traffic driving content. It makes you understand what your audience wants to read, share and discuss online. Optimize Article Content for SEO One can easily discover the interest of the target audience by exploring the keywords being used to search the content on the search engines. You just need to provide a few words and phrases relevant to your content and the application would help you find the keyword you must include in your article.Content Optimization in SEO

The best part is that it is priceless to use for eight posts per month and if you want to post more you can sign up for the monthly plan with Inboundwriter. It is very easy to use the application but if you still find it difficult, below are a few steps to use this wonderful writing application.

Guide To Optimise Article Content For SEO And Social Media

First of all when you start posting in Inboundwriter, it will ask three words and some URLs which best portray your topic of content. The application uses these three best words to search on social media. You need a minimum of three URLs but more you submit better recommendations you will get.

Optimise-Article-Content- For-SEO-2

Step 2:

The application will then create some appropriate and significant keywords to be used in your article. This will bring more and more targeted traffic to your article, wherever it is posted.

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Step 3:

As you writer further, the application score your article on the basis of the correct use of keywords. Inboundwriter also provides useful advice if you are wrong anywhere in the use of keywords or if you have wedged the article with keywords.

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You just have to keep on writing and keep an eye on the score and advice given by Inboundwriter and you will come out with a well optimized and traffic driving content.

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