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Twitter Unfollow Tools

You open up your Twitter profile and feel so happy to know that some more new people have started following you. Sadly, it is not so always, sometimes you get to see that people are unfollowing you making you feel a bit low. Then, you find some really boring people on your following list who simply don’t do anything on Twitter, how you feel like getting rid of them, but it’s so difficult to make out who are these boring folks.

And sometimes, you follow lots and lots of people thinking that they’ll follow you back but hours, days, and even weeks passes by and you find that none of them have followed you back. Sounds depressing, right? How you feel like taking revenge on them by unfollowing them in return! But it seems really taxing to check out each one out of the huge list, wouldn’t it be a great idea to have some unfollow Twitter tools to assist you to make the things easier?
This post will show you another great tool which does the same.

Twitter Unfollow Tools

List Of Impressive Twitter Unfollow Tools.

  • JustUnfollow

It is an easy to use tool that makes unfollowing easier. It gets you a list of 50 of those Twitter users whom you are following but they aren’t following you in return. This lets you decide who you’d like to continue following and who you’d be unfollowing immediately.

  • UnTweeps

So you are following people for really long but they aren’t doing anything out there on Twitter? Having such dormant people on your following list is indeed a dumb thing to do, so simply get rid of them with UnTweeps. It lets you remove those from your list who haven’t tweeted from 30, 60, or 90 days. It is the best tool for those who are following really lot many people and their follow/follower limit is reaching near. It even offers a special feature called “whitelist” by adding the users from your following base into this list lets you keep following them even if they hardly tweet.

  • TwitterFriendKiller

It is one of those unfollow Twitter tools that are meant for your Windows desktop. It is a very simple and uncomplicated way of unfollowing those who don’t follow you back. It is actually an automatic unfollowing tool that straightforwardly removes all those who don’t follow you back. It proves highly helpful if you’re looking for mass/bulk unfollow.

  • The Unfollow App

The task of this app is quite clear from its name itself. It is an easy and wonderful way to keep your Twitter directory clean as it works as a personal unfollow recommendation tool for you and helps you unfollow all those who are either inactive or don’t follow you back.

  • TwiPing

TwiPing is one of the wonderful unfollow Twitter tools that not only let you unfollow unwanted Twitterers but also let you follow those who are really worth following. TwiPing is built on. Net framework and is specially designed for helping you out in bulk following and unfollowing. So you can follow a lot many people even from your friends’ followers if you find them worthy and simply get rid of all those who are rude enough to not to follow you back.

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