Monetizing your WordPress Blog on Mobile Web Using AdMob &Mippin

WordPress Blog on Mobile Web

After one of my friend’s blog started creating considerable revenue through Google Adsense, he wanted to try his luck in Mobile Advertising. I had heard about Google Adsense for Mobile Content and also rumors that mobile ads were high paying compared to the usual web ads. So I thought why not help him. Browsing number of forums and posting my thread, none drew much response. I was actually searching for plugins for monetization with Google Adsense for Mobile Content. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. But that was when I heard about AdMob which was yet another mobile advertising networks. Just like me for many, had a doubt if it was legit? Though I don’t have much experience with it personally, I think it’s worth giving a try as Google has recently acquired AdMob for it’s an expansion, with Adsense for Mobile Content. So it’s future is not going to be dull 🙂

how to monetize a blog

The other advantage is that with mippin, you will have your webpages optimized for viewing in Mobile Browsers.

I will explain step by step about installing the plugin and Configuring with AdMob and Mippin.

  1. Get your mobile version of the site registered at Mippin.

As the first step give your RSS feed URL/Website URL, Select the Layout and Customize it according to your likes.

Now for proceeding, you will have to register at Get it done.

  1. Under the Publicize tab, give the URL of your Mobile Webpage of your like. Give your tags. Also, keep a note of the “code below”. Just Copy it into somewhere in your PC.

You will be needing the id in that code when configuring the plugin.

  1. Now under the Monetize Tab, you will have to validate your website.

So copy “Mippin Feed Validation Key= XXXXXX” and publish as a post in your blog with the copied statement as the title and content.

Then click Validate.

  1. Now register for an account at AdMob. After confirming the account, log in with your username and password at Admob. Click Add new Sites and App under the MARKETPLACE tab.

Now give your Mippin Site URL under the url column.

Now you have to enter your AdMob id for getting it Click on “Here” and Click on the name of your website.

Now enter your Admob id at the column at Mippin Webpage.

  1. Things are almost done. Now get this Mippin plugin installed in your WordPress blog. After installation is complete go to the page of Mippin Plugin, there is a column for entering Mippin id. Give the id found in the earlier code [Step2] found at the Mippin website.
  2. Now just wait for a day for your ads to appear in Mippin website. Try accessing your website from the mobile.

You don’t need to manually set the position of Mobile Ads on your website. Everything will be done by the plugin.

Best Wishes.

Just comment at the bottom if you have any trouble setting this up. I will try to help you.

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